Might be shopping for a different brand after today. Any good suggestions?

Well thanks to this morning’s cluster-fuck of a world-wide breach, I’m finding myself in the market for a different brand of security cameras.

Anyone have any good recommendations? I’m on iOS but my wife is on Android so I need some cameras that are compatible with both.

I’m leaning towards logitech but I’m open to other suggestions.

I replaced my useless AU$2000+ ARLO Pro 2 system with AU$2000+ of EUFY, up till now EUFY was the very best.

I am pretty sure, what happended today, will never happen again - and could have happen to every brand.
keep calm - nobody died.

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Arlo is a good choice if you have both Google and iOS. Newer Arlo hubs allow for local storage via USB drive if you don’t want to pay a subscription, but you do lose smart notifications if not subscribed. Arlo also supports HomeKit and you can actually use 2 way talk if needed. Logitech Circle View cams/dorbell will only work with iOS and HomeKit.