Meaning battery indicator

I have my wireless doorbell wired.
Not long ago the app was showing me that the doorbell was charging.
But since yesterday the app shows me an image of a plug.
Could someone explain me what it means?
It is not showing any percentages anymore.

Means it’s it’s hardwired and still charging when it needs to.

Guessing they done it this way because people kept on asking about it charging because of the %. Now most new comers will now not be asking.

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Thank you for your reply!

The main issue with this is that with my battery doorbell it gets activated too often (maybe because my door position is quite high vs the road and pathway) and therefore the battery goes down even when wired to a transformer.

At least previously I could look and see if the battery was ok and if it was on the low side just temporarily decrease motion sensitivity to at least have the camera recording something.

Now my doorbell has just turned off due to low battery!! Currently been off for 19 hours!

Did you not get notifications when the battery went to low?

I’m on the latest iOS version and the battery indicator does show up sometimes. If you go to the power manager page in settings and wait a bit, it can show up after a while.

edit: If you switch the working mode, eg from Optimal Surveillance to Customize Recording, the percentage shows up behind the plug icon.


Guys mine isn’t charging. Started happening on Friday. Same issue as the op, I’ve kept the 1.7 android app so I can see battery percentage. I’ll put the multi meter on later.

Unbelievable how many issues these devices have. Wonder if they are even looking into these issues.

Is it still showing the plug sign and %? Try switch off for abit and then back on again or can it be with your Android devices that showing incorrect.

I’ll try that when I get home. Android is my main phone so I’ve been using since I got it. I’ll log into the iPhone version later.

This product doesn’t give me confidence.

Any update on how yours is working now?

Some of the problems seem to happen to people around the same time.

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