Low battery warning/notification

My battery doorbell does not seem to warn me when battery is almost dying.
I can see the icon turn red for example when at 10% but no notification anywhere, so I need to check every few days to see if it is time to charge it again.
Is this by design or have I missed a setting somewhere ?


Interesting. When I first got the doorbell, I got low battery notifications after about 3 weeks (yeah not the 6 months suggested) but yesterday it just died without notification . When I checked the app it said “doorbell has turned off due to low battery” would have expected some kind of low battery notification before it died.


Any update on this from Eufy?
Hello. When I first got my wireless doorbell, I’m sure it notified me of a low battery. Now it doesn’t and the battery runs out without warning.

I can’t see a setting to enable it. I’m running Android.

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Do you have push notifications turned on for the doorbell in the Security Tab?

Note: If you turn off motion detection for the doorbell, it will shut off Push Notifications and I think that will disable notification of low battery. I’m not 100% sure on this as I now have my battery doorbell wired, so I don’t see any low battery conditions anymore.

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Same problem here with my brand new battery doorbell. Hope that Eufy can answer the question. I follow…

Thanks. Motion detection was enabled but I wasn’t getting notifications for that either.

Found the setting under Security > Device rules > Doorbell - when motion is detected > “Push notification” which was unchecked. Enabling that has enabled motion detection push notifications.

There’s a second setting under Doorbell Settings > Notification > Motion Detect, which I have switched off for now.

Will have to wait for the battery to get low again to check if this has worked.

@alex.beech Is your phone Iphone or Android. I am not seeing these settings as an option.

Another clue I found was if you enable Optimum Battery in Power manager, it will disable motion detection on the doorbell, which then disables Push Notification in the Security tab. I think that could be the root of the issue for those having the symptom. Hopefully, knowing that will make it easier when people are experimenting with different power settings.