Lost orange activity period highlights on timelines

I have had 5 eufy 2k cams for a few years. Just noticed today that the orange highlight to mark activity periods on the playback timeline is gone. The left and right skip to pre/next activity buttons are disabled. I have not changed any settings, not sure why all the cams have this issue…

Example is my living room where I was walking around then just sat down in this playback.

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Eufy support confirmed motion period highlighting function was removed in the last update. There is no way to rollback to the old firmware, and no idea if the function will be restored.

This was THE ONLY differentiation of eufy vs. wyze for me. I have 10 wyze cams, and was thinking about replacing them with eufy.

I was literally on Amazon about to buy more eufy cams and came across this issue. Had to remove them from my cart. Will wait to see how eufy responds.