Looks like we have some new products

With the latest app release the add devices list has been updated with 3 new products.

Does anyone know what these new products will do?

They look cool. @Mengdi @eufy_official @Yanyee1

Could you explain what these new devices are?


I don’t know about the other two items, but the Wi-Fi Chime has been out for a few years now. It only works with the 1080p-Grade Video Doorbell (Battery Powered).
The doorbell and Wi-Fi chime form a closed, low-power wireless connection between each other. The Wi-Fi chime connects to your router via Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi chime also holds an SD card to record onto.

That’s because the original post is 2 years old.

I see that now… The updated forum showing it as new though it’s 2 years old?
I have it set to show the Latest post.