Location of saved videos

I have a couple of Eufy Cam 2C cameras setup with HomeBase 2. When viewing a camera live, I see that you can do a manual recording. When I do this and then hit stop on the recording, it says “Saved to phone album”.

Can anyone tell me where to find these recordings? I can’t find them anywhere. I am running the EufySecurity app on a Samsung Galaxy phone, running Android 10. I found a folder called ‘EufyVideoDir’, but it’s empty. I’ve also checked a bunch of other folders where I thought they may be getting saved, but can’t find a thing.

I’ve also tried on my Samsung tablet, as well as my wife’s Huawei Mate 10, with the same result.

Thank you.

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Running Eufy 2C (under Home Base 2) and Indoor camera under same app. on Samsung A9.

Tested due your finding and got similar results:

  • Indoor camera (w/o SD card at this point, Disarmed):
    • App. Recording appears in gallery (“all videos” and Album “EufyVideoDir”)
    • file name “2020_09_12_09_17_48.mp4” (seen also in phone / “MyFiles” app. as last video-file)
  • 2C (Homebase 2 Disarmed):
    • Nothing on Gallery
    • Nothing on phone / “MyFiles”
    • Nothing on Home Base 2

Seems like a bug…

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Check the gallery on your phone you might find it there

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I have the same issue. I think it may be a bug. Any updates that resolve this? It’s only with the manual record. If you try to save a video from the recorded motions it’s downloaded properly. Even gives you the location of where it downloads the motion recording. So it’s a bug specifically with manual record and only for the outdoor cams.

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This has alread been discussed several times here recently. It’s a bug in the Android app, expected to be fixed in the next update, according to eufy support.

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i found the recordings and clips in my phones gallery, thx