Local recording whilst internet outage

I am a 2c owner.

Today I had an internet outage while my homebase remained on. During this time the camera did not record anything despite people walking past the camera.

I have researched the issue and discovered that others have had this same problem. I am hoping to hear if there has been update as to when this issue will be resolved.

A security camera that cannot record locally during an internet outage is useless when it comes to security. The camera is not fit for its proper use.


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I have tested this and found that my 2C and CamEs record just fine when the internet is down prior to my router. You just can’t access the recording or receive notification until the outage is corrected. Once connectivity is restored, the video clip events and notifications are available in the Events section. I also tested with the entry sensor and it will notify you of any changes of state once connectivity is restored.

The way I tested is to remove power from my cable modem but leave router, homebase, and devices powered up. This simulates an outage at the ISP. Once I restored power to the modem, my homebase flashed red for a minute or so then turned blue. Once I saw that the homebase was up, I accessed the app and was able to see the recordings and received notifications from the cams and the entry sensor.

All my firmware is current and I have the latest app version. This is the second test I’ve done and so far, they have both behaved the same.

I think the reason for needing the internet connection is related to how Eufy handles the encryption keys for video and authentication for the app.

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Thanks a lot for testing this. I find it strange that other people report other outcomes. This also means tbst you still have control over the system when you own a keypad :smiley:

I think you have to define your test criteria pretty well in order to simulate the outage. I suppose you could get a different outcome if the router went down or a power outage to all devices. Maybe I’ll check that out and test whether the keypad works in my first scenario. Its nice to know the failure modes of your equipment so you can plan mitigations.

I noticed that I couldn’t access my indoor cam live view while the internet was down, but didn’t have it set to record on motion or notify. I’ll do a test on that when I have more time. Pretty sure the whole issue comes back to encryption and authentication.

@pysailr Everything you described is exactly how my Eufy Cam 2 and 2 Pro worked when my internet went down. As long as the homebase is connected to power the cameras still work on their own. You won’t receive any notifications or updates within the app…until the internet comes back. Then within a minute or two you’ll get any video recordings in the events tab. This was a wonderful surprise knowing that the cameras triggered and recorded as normal, because the outage was not planned or tested.

I think my only concern might be if you have your cameras in a particular setting (off, alarms set, etc.), then the internet goes down, you’ll be stuck at that setting. I would be curious if someone can verify if the keypad can still communicate with the cameras/settings when the internet is down.

I plan to do some more testing this weekend and I will definitely test the keypad interactions. Also want to check the behavior of the cameras connected by wifi instead of homebase. I’ll post what I find and how I tested.

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@John0 you are tempting me to have a keypad now :grinning::grinning: