Live view not supported?

Why say this is Alexa compatible when it isn’t???
On the app it says live view not supported and echo can’t connect to your website!
If not sorted within next couple of days will be sending everything back and sticking to ring!


I have this issue too, using an iPhone XS Max and Ipad pro 10.5. Very interested in if there’s a patch due to fix this.

Out of interest, what devices are you experiencing this issue on?

I have 4 - 2k pros outside, 3 - 2k indoor pan & tilt, and 1 - 2k indoor post mount. All of these cameras are not available for live viewing via the Alexa app. This makes the show 10 I bought for my wife’s office useless with our camera system. Alexa sees them all as motion sensors not cameras.

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Any news? Having the same problem. Eufy, do something.

Eufy ?? This is a basic feature and I am sure pretty straight forward integration, please do something…

Any luck? I just bought some 2k pan and tilts and Alexa show and can’t live view any of my cameras on the Alexa show

I have 3 indoor 2k pan tilt cameras and the battery doorbell, all of them work on my echo shows (I have 4 shows). My Alexa app says the same thing “live view not supported”, but that is for the viewing the camera from inside the phone app, I don’t think it refers to viewing on the show. In comparison I have a Wyze cam, that does not show that message in the app, and when I select it, it actually brings me to a live view inside the phone app. Try viewing on the echo show. If it still doesn’t work, contact eufy to troubleshoot, because I think it should work, works fine on mine.

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I have just set up a Eufy video doorbell and two Eufy outdoor cameras. They were bought because the claim was they are compatible with Alex. They’re not if Live View is not supported. I feel cheated. If this is a firmware issue please sort it. I also have a Google Nest Hub and thankfully everything works on it without issue. So why not Alexa?

I’m having the same issue with my Eufycam 2 Pro (I have 3). Months ago, I could view them on my Alexa Show. But now the Alexa app shows them as “live feed not supported” and recognizes them as motion sensors only. I’m not sure when this change occurred. I have restarted and reconnected everything with no effect. Eufy needs to fix this! I suspect it might have been caused by something in an update, but whatever the cause, they need to fix the problem.

Bought doorbell for using live view from time to time and now people are saying we can’t? Amazing lol

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This is more of an alexa issue, I have google hub and alexa and it just works on Google better, alexa is slow

I view my doorbell camera live on the eufy app all the time, and if someone ring the doorbell it pops up on the phone for live view . I also have the eufy app on my pc using andriod bluestacks with the eufy app for live viewing on the 60inch , or I view it live on my Google nest hub, multiple options, I gave up on the alexa part of it, I got both Google and alexa and Google just outperforms it doing the same task.16288146721332010962683819159554|690x322

I have the indoor pan tilt camera but not working with Alexa anly shoes as a motion sensor. I have will return it

Can confirm what other’s said. In App, Alexa says it’s a motion sensor, but it does work and when I ask Alexa to show me the living room it connects to the camera and gives live feed (on Echo Show)

I had the same problem where under cameras Eufy Security-Live view not supported. but if I said"Alexa show me doorbell" then it would show the live feed from the camera on my firestick. To get it to show on my firestick when the doorbell is pressed I had to set up a routine and that seems to work fine.