Live View not playing on the phone if outside of home

I got 4 cam indoor but I only can have live view in the house but I can’t have live view outside the house so I wonder how to have live view 24 hours on my phone even I’m not at home.

I had this same exact issue a few weeks ago when I was away from home. Thought it might be my VPN, so I turned that off but that also didn’t help. Adjust the ‘5G auto’ on my iPhone, in my ‘mobile and data options’ to ‘4G’ and everything went back to normal.

My guess is that my phone might of been trying to connect to 5G at the time when it wasn’t available. Hence why I couldn’t connect to anything

Maybe give that a try? It worked for me.

What happens when you try to view the live footage when you’re not at home?

It state offline for the base and the cam

It doesn’t work on me…

If the Homebase and the cam are connected properly to the socket and by Wifi it should be on. The only thing I could suggest is making sure the “on” tab next to camera is on, otherwise it’ll say offline.

If you’ve tried everything then it’s best to probably contact eufy support.