Live streaming 'failed to save' seems to be a bug

Very new to Eufy and despite being fairly tech savvy I’m finding it hard going. First issue I want to raise is the error message you get on your iPhone when you record live video from the camera. The video appears to be recording but when you stop a banner error appears at the top of the screen saying ‘failed to save video’ . However, when you go to video on the mobile app the video has recorded correctly? I wasted a lot of time on permissions and the like before discovering the error message is erroneous. Is this a bug?

Sounds like you don’t have the Storage (or iPhone equivalent) permission granted. You would still be able to view the video and event clips, but not save it to your phone. I’m an Android user, but several people on this board have had the exact same issue on Android and fixed it by granting permission to save to storage. Eufy has 2 folders where it saves to local storage. One is EufyVideoDir and the other is Snapshots.

The issue is not one of storing to the iphone, it is doing that! It’s just annoying that when it saves it to the video folder on the iphone, the Eufy app says it hasn’t saved it and there is an error. In the other posts the video was not saving to the phone.