Live play won't go over 25 seconds

I have installed 4 eufycams and 1x the Station1.
All cams’ signal are great.
I have formatted the sd cards and restart the station after all cams are installed.
Everytime, I tried to do live play, it will stop at around 23seconds and say “Preparing to play” , it may able to play again, but mostly it would stop after first or second play and say "Unable to play live video. 1…2…3… without “Retry” button.

Could some please give me some advise, thanks.

Sounds like you are losing connection after 25 seconds. Check your internet upload speed with something like Eufy requires 2 Mbps upload, but if its not more like 4 Mbps, you can have issues where the devices have to retransmit the stream and you will see dropped connections.

Also, if you are doing any other operations on your internet when this is happening, it can choke your connection. Things like file transfers or gaming take a lot of bandwidth and could cause what you are seeing.

Hi Preset, thanks your advises.

I just done the speed test, it’s 36mbp download 16mpb upload. And no gaming or watching movie at all.

I am thinking if it’s related to the read and write speed of the Station /SD card or the wifi signal of the cam(is it really in great signal). I tested one cam which I put around 4 meters away, it will reload at around 25 second and can reconnected back. However, all the other cams are around 9 meters away from station (with 1or2walls in between ) , they just can’t connect back. Not sure how can I improve this situation ?