Live Chat not Working

I have tried live chat on 2 devices. This is when trying to access it via the app. It does not load. I’m in the US. Is it working for others?

Which cameras are you using?

Live chat works flawlessly on my doorbell (wired) and my indoor cam.

Originally the doorbell livechat didn’t work well, but software updates got it working well again.

Indoor cam worked well out of the box…

Sorry. I meant live chat as in feedback/support. My bad for not being clear.

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Good luck with that one I started a chat and never could get through! I waisted about an hour sitting there… Waiting and waiting and waiting! You get my point :joy:

Definatley do. I hate talking to them on the phone too. :grin:

Ahh, gotcha.

I find contact over email to be the best contact- but that’s no excuse for a broken live chat :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s what I did. This might be my 10th email for crap. Ugh!!