Little to no audio coming from doorbell

Just installed my door bell camera about a week ago. Audio was great at first when I played back recordings. Now there is barely any audio. I restarted it as well and no luck.

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Did you turn down the bell ding dong in the app? as it also turns down the volume audio. That’s what happen to mine. Apparently it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

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My audio and ring tone are set to max setting. I may try to re-install it when I get home. Thank you for your help.

@AnkerSupport can we have a fix to this bug please? It’s making the doorbell almost useless at its main job.


Thanks for reaching out. If the issue still persists, please send us an email to

Please provide the eufy account and the serial number located on the Doorbell device so we can further assist you.

We apologize for the inconveniences, look forward to hearing back from you and wish you a lovely day.

Was this issue fixed? I’m having the same problem and I purchased mine on Black Friday 2020. Everything works fine except for the outside audio. I can’t hear from people talking outside. Does it have to do with voltage requirements?

What is the bell ding dong symbol are you referring to? Both audio is turned to max. Are you referring to volume icon next to the voice response?

I also bought a Eufy 2K wired doorbell from Amazon on BF2020 that has the same problem in that the outside audio can not be heard. Amazon return policy to the rescue.

I have the same issue, I am new to eufy, I purchased the battery doorbell kit before Christmas.
Have just installed it , and audio is not working properly between doorbell and app ???
It’s the basic function and reason you buy it Eufy . Please advise?

A hard reset- cutting the power off from the original doorbell chime or the electrical panel for 10 seconds worked for me. I’m glad the audio is back to crystal clear. I have had this doorbell since May 2020 and have only had this problem recently. Hope it doesn’t happen again!


That worked for me as well. I also hope that this doesn’t repeat because it may not be recording audio when we have an intruder at our door again.

I had the same low to no audio issue. I cut main power, no joy. I had to Uninstall Eufy app and then reinstall Eufy app, then joy. Audio is back to normal volume level. Hopefully will not have to continually do this. Hope this works for you.