List of battery doorbell bugs

The list below I think are software bugs that need to be fixed on battery doorbell.

10 June 2020:

-Detections outside the activity zone.

-Lots of detection events but don’t see how when have set up activity zone and there has been no movement other then human with in that activity zone as there are no plants, grass or trees. Even then there not that many human with in the zone. Dread to see all them detected events (over 1500 and 3000 at the other house) if all motion is switch on only.

-Can be slow to start recording on sensitivity 3 & 4.

-once wired up won’t switch between doorbell ding dong to Homebase chime. Homebase chime just won’t work. (11/06/2020 repair the doorbell with Homebase and don’t select wire doorbell ding dong)

-Doorbell ringtone volume even at 0(Min) Still can hear low ringtone when should hear nothing.

-When Doorbell ringtone lowered so is the response/quick response.

-When LED is switch off the LED still lights up when press.

-Pixelation in first 2 seconds.

-Notifications should be able to set different on different accounts.

-Slower to connect to live view from mobile data then WiFi.

-when connected to doorbell wire it’s suppose to charge when it get down to 80% but have notice it has started to recharge at 83% and another time 85%. Hope this does not effect the battery.

Seems like there lot reported issues from other people. I still feel this is a great doorbell but hope they do fix these issues.

Will update as if find more.

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Seems a lot of people are having overheating issues (me included) even when it isn’t hot.

I’ve not had that yet luckily as my front of my house is north facing.