Light Up Your Walls & Share Your Photos!

Hi friends!

Thank you for making Wall Light Cam a part of your home and life. We made this all-in-one wall light and camera to give your wall eyes, ears, and light. We know you’ll enjoy using it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To share the excitement, we are inviting all Wall Light Cam users to :camera_flash::house::sparkles: share a photo of how it lights up your home while bringing safety and peace of mind to millions of homes.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

:heart: from eufy Security Team

Footnote: Rest assured that metadata will be automatically removed from all uploaded photos.


I love having one light forward and one light backwards to give off a cool ambience feel and look.


A few more colors to show off


Blue light at night.


Really like the options for colors. As well as the breathing option. So far really enjoying these cameras/lights!

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I absolutely love this it is awesome everyone’s got to get one of these it’s the best

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Picture was from the past Christmas :gift:

Darth Vaders house :joy:


dang! love the vibe of the photo :sunglasses:

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I have used eufy products for 4 years to monitor my 2 homes. I recently added this to protect my back area. I was able to install within 30 minutes. Just had to go buy 1/2 inch longer screws than provided. It’s perfect for dawn to dusk lightning as well as motion sensed lighting. I just wish that the camera would track and trigger the alarm. Only a manual alarm from what I see in the app. I turned my lights left and right to light up my patio space.

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We really appreciate the versatility.

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The wall light is a great addition to my systems. It does everything it says it will. When mounting on uneven stucco surfaces, the back plate cannot be totally tightened without warpage, thus making it impossible to mount the camera. there is no positive lock in place for the camera and one must rely on the 2 tiny side screws to keep the camera locked onto the back plate. I the back place is even a little out of perfectly flat and even, the camera will not line up with the 2 set screws. Backing out the box mounting screws until the plate is not binding, is the only way to get the camera to fit on the back plate. It also dies not fit most standard wall light electrical boxes and one must drill an additional hole in the back plate to line up with the existing electrical box mounting holes. I do not advocate mounting electrical devices using anchors and screws, especially in stucco.


I agree with these mounting problems. I dropped 2 of my 3 lights while trying to mount because the lights didn’t lock in place while trying to line up the tiny screws and hold the fixture in place. Defin6a two person job, especially to avoid touching/pressing on the sensors area.
I’d also recommend a plastic protective cover for the lens just like the sensor has, both to be removed after installation.

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quick activation and easy installation and works very well varied lighting with a modern and discreet design. Love it :grinning:

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quick activation and easy installation and works very well varied lighting with a modern and discreet design

Incredible that a product released in March is not compatible with HB3 AI, and that the compatibility is “under evaluation”??? Don’t your teams speak to each other?

You could see that it wasn’t compatible when purchased. So why complain now?
I just purchased 2 last week, and absolutely love them. If I complained about something I’m aware of, I’d look kinda stupid.

Yeah, guess the phrase “Homebase 3 compatible” confused me – should have checked the compatibility list – like I did with the floodlight cam when “compatibility” was due in March 2023, April 2023, May 2023, June 2023, late 2023.

Point was about Eufy’s interoperability of newly release products…

Who says I bought it? Maybe I’m waiting for the compatibility*

(* under investigation).

Just installed mine and so far I’m really impressed. It’s not dark enough to get the full effect of the light yet but I will take a look later tonight.
Downsides, the mounting is designed for a smoother surface like wood or bricks. My house is over 50 years old and has a very rough rendered finish which means I’ve had to use a lot of silicone at the back of the mounting plate to keep it watertight. It also means that getting the backing plate mounted in a flat position is not as easy.

All in all, I think it’s a great camera/light.

The struggle was real with this one. I installed seven of these wall light on my house in the last week.