[Let's Talk!] If someone knocks at night or at an odd hour, what would you do?

No, just why would it be at such a odd time I would just say Go away!

I open my lock box.

It’s kind of scary to think people would immediately grab a firearm…I hope I never have to knock for help.

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During times like this definitely have your door open for people in need and help as much as you can, having said that don’t forget about your security and safety either.

I would check my phone and see who is out there. Get my S&W 38 special and warn them to leave my property (call911) if tgey need help. I will call 911 for them. But I don’t open my door to strangers aby time if day!

I have three firearms ( shotguns remotely triggered) front back and sides ) even on both ways in the roof at night sensors are armed I’m notified off possibilities of intrusion since I’m in a military background I would possibly announce to whomever there about to find out if Jesus really is real ! I would warn once if they tried to still break in I possibility would use my silencer and have a head shot ( wrap the body up mask it and in the morning take the body to an undesirable station in a zone marked as persons 1 etc . If they have a death wish so be it . Secondary always have documentation evidence you weren’t there with planning a successful funeral is mostly provided.

Although we seem to live in a world today where everyone is sitting on a paper-thin edge, I think it’s helpful to remember we never know when someone we care about or even ourselves could be put in situation of need.
Even though this happened many years ago, I was involved in a single car accident during inclement weather and my car ended up in a field in the middle of nowhere. I was alone, a 20-something female and was in this exact situation. Thankfully, the couple who lived at the house I approached had more trust in humankind and they not only answered the door, but made certain I was safe and comfortable until the help I needed arrived.
I recognize and am very mindful of the fact that most people who come to our front doors are not there with good intention. However, personal experience has taught me to remember there may be those that are truly in need. It may take a bit more effort to weed out the bad actors from those that truly need help, but I believe it is worth the effort.

Hey folks just a question
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NEVER “call the police”!!! You will only get yourself in trouble…at best.
The Police have ONE goal: to find a crime to bolster the DA’s quota. If he can’t find a crime, he will invent one, and since he now knows who you are, you will be the target. Handle things yourself, and coalition with your neighbors.

With the latest firmware that broke 3 out of 6 cameras so they don’t record right, and motion highlighting feature in playback was removed, I would hope it’s a wyze cam salesman knocking my door.

I wouldn’t open the door I’ll check my phone to see who is at my front door. I will immediately call the police I will try to keep them as long as they can until the police arrives

Guess who’s in the USA.

While all of you in gun-happy USA are pointing guns at your neighbours, we in Australia (we don’t have guns) would probably just ask “What’s up mate? Do you need a hand?”

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I grab my gun and answer the door. We’ve had both drunks and people in need banging on our door in the middle of the night. Both of them will settle down when they see the laser light pointed at them

www.google.com not answer the door and look on the camera

I have A curve tourist area Home visitors from All around yearly Purchase My home in 2004 Left Side of my house is very well Quiet the other Side Is Very Busy loud I’ve gotten every Thing possibly to secure my residence 360°Eufy Has The Best Cam system I Kno I can sleep with Peace You touch This property my phone’s Lights bells alarms are on if anyone bypass ALL this 24/7I won’t be The one on the stretcher Thank You :grinning:

I’m grabbing MR Forget Me (my baseball bat, Candians don’t have guns) and turning on the exterior lights. Then I set off my car alarm via FOB and checking the window on who is there. If they have bad intentions most will run when the car alarm goes off, and it alerts my neighbours. After that its a 50/50 on intentions, theirs and mine. If there are survivors sticking around the cops are called.

i had someone show up at four am the other day clearly up to know good and gave me three excuses that obviously were lies when he got to the second one, and he tried my door too. i saw him literally as he pulled in and was aware and i did poke my head out the door to confront him which startled the crap out of him and i would not have done that had he been closer though. i went back in and this guy comes over after saying something to the tune of not having to lie anyways and could do what he wanted. i’m glad he didn’t get in tho because i was standing in the hall off to the side with his life in my hands and i was tired and didn’t need a mess to clean up which i’m sure would have been the case when the cops left. cops showed up super fast which was kinda odd and offputting, though i was glad. they always seem to arrive when things are done and they leave though lol.

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No its definitely a trap of sorts… in any case its 100% someone who wants or who needs???