[Let's Talk!] If someone knocks at night or at an odd hour, what would you do?

Even if you recognize that person, think twice using the W method…Who,what when, where, and why?..this particular hour, at my house

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Yes I’m having this issue and I’ve told them not to ring our door bell and they still will after everyone is asleep. The bell is so loud it wakes up the whole house

Isn’t the whole point of having the camera doorbell so that I can see their actions and speak to them without having to open the door.

Yes and hope they have life insurance :rofl:

Unless I am expecting someone and or a delivery I rarely answer my door at all. Just because I am in doesn’t mean I have to answer it eh!

No, I would never open my door without first checking via eufy app. My eufy doorbell camera is perfect for this type of event and I can determine if someone needs assistance without opening the door.

Last time my doorbell rang in the middle of the night, I opened my app to see who possibly could be bothering me at that time of night.I was met with myself on the other end of the video.
I began to wonder…was there a stranger at my doorstep, or was I an intruder in his home?

Why is she wearing at mask at 1 in the morning inside her own home?

Well you never know, it’s probably a neighbor in need of help. I have a BB gun locked away in a safe under my bed so if they did try and attack me, I could always go and grab that. So yes, I am fine opening the door. I mean duh, if I didn’t like the way the interaction was going I would just close my door and lock it :thinking:

Sure…And how long would it take to climb under your bed to open that safe?

I’m truely shocked. All Americans seem to have firearms ready to go in their homes and believe all people they don’t know are out to get them. It sounds like a war zone full of people with paranoid delusions itching for a chance to “defend their homes”.
if someone knocks on my door at 1am it’s 100% going to be someone who needs help, most likely a neighbour. It might be different in America, but in Australia, burglars don’t knock. They wait for you to not be home, or asleep, then they break in.

I would speak with them through the doorbell and make a decision based on our conversation . If they were in need , hurt or someone was after them then yes I would open the door but I also would be armed .

I’m not sure why you’re judging Americans. Just because we’re not naive and like to lean on the side of precaution in odd situations like this, that doesn’t mean we’re “itching” to defend our home. You’re literally judging people for being prepared rather than being oblivious to criminal activities and just answering the door without taking any safety measures. Just because your country doesn’t allow law-abiding citizens to own guns for protection, here in the US, we like to have the option to protect ourselves and our family. Hopefully one day you don’t get taken advantage of due to being oblivious to crime. Ignorance is not the answer. :laughing:

Hey there Len,
Not trying to judge Americans. Our culture is very different to yours, you feel judged but that wasn’t the intention. It was truly shocking to read so many posts that involve grabbing a gun “for protection”. It’s not something we need to do here.

Law abiding citizens ARE allowed to have guns in Australia. Adults without a criminal record or history of domestic violence ARE allowed to get a gun license in Australia but there are strict safety rules about storing, registration and use of these weapons. There’s also limits to the type of gun you can own. For example, our culture believes law abiding citizens have no reason to need a military grade semi automatic rifle for example. This is to reduce the body count should a law abiding citizen start shooting people. For example, during the Port Arthur Massacre where a previously until that point, law abiding citizen, went on a killing spree at a historical site killing 35 people and wounding 23 others including children. His weapons of choice a Colt AR-15 (.223) and a L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle (.308). This tragedy led to a cultural rethink of our relationship with guns, and due to public demand (and the fact our government isn’t owned by the NRA) our government created rules and regulations to prevent future mass killings and to reduce gun violence.

These changes were

• restricted legal possession of automatic and semi-automatic long-arms (where possession is restricted to specified occupational and official purposes such as large animal welfare or destruction);
• nationwide registration of all firearms, with the establishment of an integrated licensing and registration scheme;
• the need to demonstrate ‘genuine reason’ to obtain, possess or use a firearm (and where ‘personal protection’ would not be considered such a reason);
• uniform standards for firearm security and storage; and
• established grounds on which a licence can be refused or cancelled and where firearms can be seized (eg conviction for an offence involving violence in the previous five years, contravention of firearm law, subject to an Apprehended Violence Order, Domestic Violence Order or other restraining order) (APMC 2002).

So if you’re NOT a farmer, an invasive species hunter, a recreational sporting shooter, and of course, military and police then you don’t have a reason to have a gun.

These regulations have made an enormous difference to everyone’s safety in Australia. It really was a rude shock to read how pretty much everyone posting in the US seems to have a gun, ready to go, and the belief that a knock on the door is in the middle of the night is going to be some sort of trap by a criminal rather than a neighbour or stranger in need. It sounds really stressful and intense to live with that much fear.

What we have here is a cultural difference. Not a judgement. If you feel judged maybe it’s because deep down you feel there’s something to be judged about. We watch what’s happening in the US with gun violence and we shake our heads not in judgment but disbelief, and wonder why your culture values everyone and anyone’s right to carry any type of gun they like, over your right to not be shot at or killed. Your right to go to work, concerts, restaurants, political gatherings, nightclubs, churches, educational institutions and the like without fear of being shot at and killed.

We are bewildered at your society’s choice to interpret the 2nd amendment, which describes a militia (an organised military to fight the English and defend your nation from invasion) as an instruction for everyone, every citizen, even children to arm themselves. We are puzzled why Americans take advice on gun safety standards from an organisation (the NRA) with a vested interest in the sale of firearms.

But most of all we despair at, and grieve the loss of so many beautiful children every time there’s another school shooting in your land of the free. Free for anyone to own a military grade rifle but not free enough for children to go to school without being shot at.

Yes you are right, ignorance is not the answer.

I sincerely wish you a life free from fear and ignorance in the future.

You must not live in a city dal2008, anyway your here on eufy so you have a video camera or something security. Not very realistic I would say

Continue to sleep :shushing_face: :sleeping:

I would check via the camera if it looks ok then ill talk thru camera to see what i might need to do.

The question is “answer the door”. Isn’t checking your camera and talking to someone answering the door? I would still be grabbing my gun.

It happened to me once, it was the creepy neighbor that had assaulted me before. I could see it through the tiny peeping hole in my door. I did not open the door, and pretended to not be awake