[Let's Talk!] If someone knocks at night or at an odd hour, what would you do?

:night_with_stars: It’s late, you’re getting ready for bed and certainly not expecting visitors. Then you hear it, three knocks on your door ring out clearly through the night. :eyes: You check your phone, it’s almost 01:00 AM, no one has called or messaged.

If someone knocks at night or at an odd hour, what would you do? :man_bowing:

Vote and comment below, share your thoughts with other eufy users, let’s talk! :laughing:

  • Yes, it could be someone in need.
  • No, it could be a trap!

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I would absolutely not answer the door.

I would check the Live View on my Eufy Video Doorbell to see who is at my door while I’m grabbing my firearm. I would then speak through the doorbell and ask them what they wanted.

Depending on their response…

If I don’t think they are a threat, I would probably just tell them to go away.

If I feel that they are a threat, I would immediately call the police and stay prepared with my firearm if they try to enter my home. I would also check my other Eufy cameras around my home to determine if there are other people outside.

If they choose to try and enter my home, it will be a bad day for them. I will defend myself, my family and my home. They chose the wrong house to break into.

Having Eufy Security cameras around my home will hopefully give me the advantage over any criminals around my home!


Classic approach for a scam - or worse.

I never answer the door not matter who it is, I don’t care how long they knock. Unless you called/texted ahead then the door doesn’t get answered.

Call me paranoid but cameras are a must have, that way you can see who it is before you answer the door. I feel all households should install cameras so the people living there aren’t caught off guard.


My personal plan is to open my phone and see who is there using my doorbell camera and seek with the person there though the camera. Then depending on what they say I will either tell them to go away or that I am dialing 911 and will have an ambulance and an officer come check on them and help if needed.


I :two_hearts: your answer! That’s the way to keep you and your family safe!:+1:t5:

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We live in an age now where people’s perception is that absolutely everything is something negative and that you are in risk. This iis certainly not the case. Considering that 80% of you think that any knock is a trap at a late hour I ask you. How many people do you think in the world have had a late night knock turn out to be a trap and u would have an educated guess that


The number is less than 1% leaving the obvious response that there are a lot of hyperchondriacs

I would check my cameras and answer if needed. Because I have several cameras I can see if they are up to no good. If they need help I will call 911 and if they are up to no good. Will call police and grab my gun in case they try to break in.

I would love to let my automation make an Lightshow for him but you guys are incompetent when it comes to Alexa integrations, especially routines even if you advertise it….

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NO WAY. Every one I care about can first text/call me. Unless I see a police cruiser with its lights on in my driveway my next move is to point the shotgun at the door while from a safe location the wife checks the cameras for ALL entrances in case this is a distraction. We’re not a stupid and defenseless as perpetrators would hope.

I would talk through the speaker to them. All while calling the cops. Of course if they had Ill plans my vlaspraptor a.k.a German shepherd (fur missle) would tear them up.

Don’t answer unless you recognize the person

I don’t answer my door at noon if I didn’t agree that it was ok someone knocked on it to begin with :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: not kidding

It depends on which neighbourhood you live and who is in the house. If there is a big family in the house then check on eufy camera if you have one (best to have one) and see who it is (maybe its your neighbor, uncle, aunty, brother or sister in need). Open the door, smile, greet them and help them out for whatever they need.
If you see on the eufy camera its burguar(s) call the cops and put the eufy camera to away mode so alarm goes off and let the person or people know the cops are on the way.

If it is a woman alone in the house or a woman alone with kids or just kids then definitely do not open the door. Call the cops immediately.

If you are scared, definitely don’t open the door and call the cops after checking the camera. If it is a family members on the eufy camera then go answer the door. If you don’t have a eufy camera then do not open the door.

Lastly, if you don’t own a eufy camera and are brave (you know martial arts, kung fu, and have fire arm) then answer the door. If it is family member then open the door if it is a stranger then I don’t recommend opening the door unless you are prepared, strong and prepared to defend yourself.

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Never ever would anyone in our household answer the door without checking Eufy first and even then no call no open door, no way you are getting access to my family we are safe with Eufy cameras​:heart:Eufy. :grinning:

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Im with you brother everything you said I was thinking . You hit the nail perfectly on the head

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