Let us at least CHOOSE "Human Only" detection at night (2C)

I recently installed a few EufyCam 2C cameras. I’m very pleased with them overall, but last night, I found a huge gap in functionality that should be very easy to fix.

I have the cameras set as “Human Only” detection, which is perfect. However, last night, I was notified about a neighbourhood cat by my back door. Confused, I went to make sure I had it set as Human Only and noticed a little note on that section stating that “Human Only” is during the daytime, but the camera will still record and notify about ALL motion at night.

I really wish I could at least CHOOSE to stay with Human Only detection at night (at least regarding recording and notifying).

Perhaps there’s a reason for this? Maybe human detection is difficult at night? But I have it set on spotlight nightvision, and from what I can tell, it’s still easy to identify a “Human” from where my cameras are located.

I have my phone on DND at night, but I’ve given the Eufy app permission to bypass it. I really don’t want to receive notifications in the middle of the night when a skunk/rabbit/etc walks by, but I DO want a notification if someone is trespassing on my property.

In addition, I’m testing the recognition and observing if I get any false detections, because my goal is to have the cameras sound the siren upon human detection if nobody is home (and likely at night, even when we are home). However, I don’t want the siren waking my family or the neighbours in the middle of the night due to a rabbit, haha. I’ve been super happy with the human detection otherwise, and haven’t had any false alarms in the first few days of having the cams set up.

PLEASE allow us to at least CHOOSE “Human Only” for day and night. You don’t even need to make it the default, but give us the option. Add a disclaimer that it may not detect all human activity at night, I’m fine with that. I know you need to make things “idiotproof”, but don’t punish the rest of us. At least give us the choice!

I can see that other people have posted about this in the past, and obviously, there’s been no change, but I’m adding it again, but it feels extremely important to have this. The whole reason I bought these is to notify me if anyone is on my property, but I’m not willing to tolerate countless nighttime notifications that wake me for the neighbourhood cat, or a rabbit, raccoon, etc… It’s winter right now, so it’s limited for wildlife. But once it’s warmer, our yard becomes a wildlife highway (for better or worse).

There’s a reason that you included “Human Only” as an option, because you know it’s a desireable option. There’s no reason to believe that people who want it during the day don’t also want it at night.

Thank you for your genuine consideration!!