Lense Condensation

Purchased 2k cameras with home base. Setup with Apple HomeKit. Works great! Noticed this morning that lense was foggy on both outdoor cameras. Appears to be condensation. Wiped one camera lense. Is this the norm with these cameras? I have blink cameras outside, no condensation. I don’t think wiping rain-x on the lense or wiping it every day is acceptable.

I have the same problem, also with rain.
Most outdoor cameras have covers, so I will return te Eufy camera’s.

I had a problem with one of my cameras after a huge deluge of rain. Unfortunately guttering leaked and the camera was smack bang underneath. I dried mine out inside a sealed bag of cat litter for a few days, and purchased some black silicone covers for both of my cameras. Since then no problems. Shouldn’t have to do it though.