LED ring does not light up anymore on motion detection since firmware update to

Since update firmware to on eufy battery doorbell the LED ring does not light up anymore on motion detection. I have turned it off and on in settings and restarted doorbell but it won’t lit.

Only when pressing doorbell it lights up.

Please fix.


I read elsewhere that eufy intentionally disabled the LED if the motion detection is set to “All Motion” instead of “Human Only”. Battery savings is the alleged reason. It’s a stupid decision, and the fact that it’s not made clear and the LED setting is still available when All Motion is enabled only adds to the confusion.

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Complain and hope that they will change it. In the meanwhile I asked to push the older firmware until they fix it. Which they did and it’s working again. People otherwise can’t see my doorbell in the dark.


How/who did you ask to push older firmware?

Just contacted support:

I additional got a little mad. Because they said it was a feature and not a bug. It was the second time it broke something for me after a firmware update on a eufy product.

This my exact issue as well.