Leave delay doesnt work with my cams

When i turn The alarm on with a leave delay my cams still record and sends me notifications during The countdown. This is Kinda annoying because i turn The alarm on with The keypad and then have to cros 2 of my cams line of sight.
Anyone know a trick to fix this?


Well the leave delay is related to the alarm. Once you push a button on the keypad, you’re effectively in the mode already. The only thing working with a delay is the alarm.

Yeah they should fix this in an update :sweat_smile:

Make sure the alarm delay is turned off completely. Just activate the leave delay to what ever minutes you desire. This will stop the other cams from activating both your home base and phone. Now unfortunately there is an issue with battery door bell cam. Unfortunately the leave delay function does not work with this door bell cam. It will still set off both the home base and phone despite having activated this function and they’ve been advised of the same without any changes having been made.

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This really should be fixed. Camera alarm sounds and recording are really annoying within the alarm delay.

They got better things to do…. Like the pet treat thing…

Any update on this?
I’m very annoyed by my camera alerts triggering while counting down from 180.

Any fix to this? I cannot set the alarm to “away” from inside my house without triggering the alarm even though the homebase is counting down. The Keypad is useless if mounted indoors.