Launch immediate/manual alarm

Hi, is it possible to launch an Alarm per trigger, i.e. that all Cams+Homebase make noise?

We are living in the city with more neighbours than outside in the landscape but anyway much of cats etc. Therefore it does not make sense to set the regular alarm on the cams as we would have too many false alarms and trouble with our neighbourhood. It definitively would make sense to first check if it is an animal, a child whatever or a burglar to launch the alarm via trigger.
By reading the forum it seems that many have the same issue. Any help?

@till.theegarten Yes, you can set your cameras and homebase to alarm through a manual trigger. Just setup an automation on your homebase and select it to alarm ALL the cameras when triggered.

The next time you view any camera on the homebase, you’ll have two options to manually “alarm” (camera/homebase). As long as you select the homebase as one of your options, it will run the automation and trigger all the cameras to alarm as well. It’ll run for about 30 seconds.