Last picture for cameras should update throughout the day

I would like my cameras to update the last picture maybe 2-3 times throughout the day. It’s nice just to see how everything is changing. For example. The other day it was 1:30pm but the last live view was the night before. If the cameras could just take a picture throughout they day and update last picture it would have showed me a picture of during the day.

Here is a example. The last picture was 11:30am but it’s currently 3:30pm. Please add a feature to update the last picture throughout the day. Some people may not want this feature so, you could make it be optional in the settings of each camera.



100% agree. Makes no sense to after a still image from the other day there. Update date it once an hour or so.


I completely agree with this! It should pull the still of the NEWEST recording every time.


I agree - once an hour to update the still would be great


Yes! That’s what I thought! @AnkerSupport is there any plans to add this?

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