Keypad sounds when disarming

Is it possible to have the Keypad Bleep a sound as I re enter my home to give me an indication to disarm the alarm.
At present I only get a Bleep sound when I am arming the alarm/leaving house


Yea that’s not possible now, I’m also wanting this and others do, too.
I recommend you write to support and ask for this, that way they see the demand for this feature. I really dislike the homebase beeping in a way that basically says: “here I am! Come here and unplug me!”


This and an external super loud siren would make this alarm system so much better (the sirens on the cams and the homebase are just not loud enough).

I need this as well!
I’ve submitted a request for this for what it’s worth.

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I have requested the same option from eufy… the keypad beeps on alarm delay leaving house but not on reentry to remind you alarm is set… the dull beeping sound from the Homebase is not good enough as it is too far away from entry point to remind me alarm is set, I hope they add this option soon.

I want the Homebase to be silent always. Silent and ignored by intruders.

So all sounds from KeyPad and external alarm would be best.


Would be great to have the beeping on re entry to the home triggered by a motion sensor or door sensor!