Keypad SOS sirens

Thinking of adding a keypad to my Eufy systems but have a few questions:

  1. Can you link the keypad to two or more Homebase 2’s?
  2. Can you setup the SOS button once pressed for more than 3 seconds to have the Homebase 2 alarm siren to activate and to also have my five 2C built in sirens to also activate all together?
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Hey there, I have just the answers you need.

  1. You can add up to three keypads. I have two. Settings are shared over all devices (so probably stored on the homebase)
  2. Through Automation you can have the 2C sirens go off when the homebase alarm goes off. This will then happen in all cases where the homebase alarm goes off.

If I purchase a keypad I can link to two Homebase’s? Thanks for all your help

No, you can only link it to one homebase.