KeyPad mode buttons question?

Hope a keypad owner can answer this. I see 4 “mode” buttons (home, away, cus-tom ? , alarm off?)

I need 2 modes to be used to make this keypad useful for me… “disarmed” and “schedule”. These are built in modes.

Can I change 2 of the 4 buttons to use these modes? Thanks

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You can only customize one button. The ‘off’ button should correspond to the disarmed state. The CUS button can be mapped to a mode, though I do not know if the schedule (or geofencing) works with it.

I think you would need to own one (and really played with it) to know for sure. I think I could just uncheck all boxes in “home” mode for my disarm. (Should let me?)

I’m guessing “alarm off” button just stops the active alarm that triggered and gives you a few seconds before the alarm sounds. (I don’t use alarms)

Eufy needs to give me a demo unit to YouTube a real review.

I think it activates corresponding modes in the app. So home activates your home profile and that’s customizable. The off button stops an alarm but also turns off sensors and motion detection (which sounds like disarmed to me).

Either way, I will know for sure this Thursday, I ordered it just now. I want my parents to be able to turn the system off when I’m on vacation and they come to check on my pet, garden and mail. This way I don’t need to set up the app and instruct them how to use it (and view my cameras).

Cool! Please let us know. My main reason is my girlfriends use. Not only do I get a ton of notifications from just her driving up and getting inside… but then a nonstop phone blowup when she goes out and hits the deck and the garden. She refuses to play with the app.

I did read it would do single buttons without a code every time. (I hope) She would tap disarm and rearm by single tap (I asked)

Let us know.

You can turn off the " switch modes with access code" switch on the keypad’s settings page.

When you switch your system status from a low security level to a high security level mode(for example, from Off mode to Away mode), you don’t need to enter your access code. Otherwise you need to enter you access code before hitting any mode button to switch modes.

Off-> Away / Home / Cus, don’t need to enter access code
Cus-> Away, don’t need to enter access code
Cus-> Home, access code required
Cus-> Off, access code required
Home-Away, don’t need to enter access code
Home-> Cus, access code required
Home-> Off, access code required
Away-> Home / Cus / Off, access code required.

Hmmmm. Interesting! Funny how they give different modes different “security levels” when home/away/cus modes can all be set the exact same way! The only mode you can really “assume” it’s security level is “OFF”. Unneeded complication.

Gonna try and explain that mess to your parents? I bet not :slight_smile:

Okay I received it.
Home = home in the app
Away = away in the app
CUS = any custom mode including geofencing and schedule
Off = actually creates an additional, fully customizable, profile! So it’s not the ‘disable all triggers’ mode.
I remember you can add up to 3 custom modes through the app, so the keypad adds a fourth mode! This profile cannot be deleted.

The alarm settings of the homebase 2 have also changed: I can now set it to disable the alarm automatically after 30s and whether the keypad can turn it off (two independent toggles).

Thank you !!! Sounds like it will work for me. Amazon is loading now !!