Keeps Asking For Log In Details

Every time I open the Eufy app to view events, I have to re-enter the password each time. Why won’t it stay logged in ?

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Usually happens when multiple devices are using the same account. Make separate shared accounts to correct this.

We have separate accounts but I am still being asked to log in each time I want to view the app and also have to then submit a verification code. Dreadful, painfully annoying as does not allow you to view notification immediately. This needs rectifying asap Eufy

Do you have 2FA turned on? That could trigger a logon each time if your device isn’t trusted.

I do not have 2 f and am having the same issue

I also have the same issue. But it never asked me to answer squiggly code the first few times I went to log on. I do not have any shared devices nor do I have two step verification turned on.