Keeps Asking For Log In Details

Every time I open the Eufy app to view events, I have to re-enter the password each time. Why won’t it stay logged in ?

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Usually happens when multiple devices are using the same account. Make separate shared accounts to correct this.

We have separate accounts but I am still being asked to log in each time I want to view the app and also have to then submit a verification code. Dreadful, painfully annoying as does not allow you to view notification immediately. This needs rectifying asap Eufy

Do you have 2FA turned on? That could trigger a logon each time if your device isn’t trusted.

I do not have 2 f and am having the same issue

I also have the same issue. But it never asked me to answer squiggly code the first few times I went to log on. I do not have any shared devices nor do I have two step verification turned on.

Has anyone solved this issue? It’s happening to me as well

Yes, if you give your log in details to family members to use, when they log in it logs you out. I got around the issue by asking them to create their own Eufy account, then I just shared my devices with them so they could view. It doesn’t happen anymore.

I noticed I somehow changed view from all devices to “nickname” home. Changed back to all devices and no more login required

I have the same problem since the recent update. 2FA is off. Pain in the AZZ!
How do we fix this?

Looks like Eufy may not aware of it.
You may want to provide abfeedback through device App.