Keep having to format SD card- Solo Indoor Cam

As the title suggests, I have to format the card numerous times.
It seems to be when the camera has been switched off. Is this normal?
It’s a brand new 128GB card.

There is a lot of variability in SD cards. You need a card that supports multiple overwrites and is fairly fast. Eufy has a list of reliable cards in the app help. I find the best cards are Samsung high endurance or EVO select. Buy the largest card that your device will support so that the card gets overwritten fewer times. For Eufy, that is a 128 Gig card.

Also, be aware their are a lot of counterfeit sd cards on the market, so buy from a reliable source or you could get bogus merchandise.

I bought 4 128 Gig Samsung EVO select cards on Amazon and made sure that they were sourced by Amazon, not some 3rdparty supplier. They have been going strong without having to manually format for almost a year. When they fill up, they just start overwriting themselves without any intervention.