Just adding to the pile of complaints

fix your server side eufy, get your shit together. This is inexcusable downtime eufy, simple app commands such as camera snoozing shouldn’t have to run through an off site server when im on the same damn local wifi network as the cameras themselves, is the base unit really that useless ??. Do you really only have one set of servers for everyone with no redundancy or backup ?? Are you going to let us know what’s going on?, are you going to release a statement? Anything ?


I’m with you there. Send em an email join the live chat make em know you’re mad. They might understand when they lose 1000 customers over this on live chat right now with 25 people ahead of me

It’s down right ridiculous and almost smells of scam. I turned my doorbell off this morning due to work around the house. I cant turn on of even delete my own frigging camera! I’m about to send all this crap back!!!

Ok here it is straight from customer support

We are sincerely sorry to say that there’s been an issue with Eufy Security server. Please be assured that our tech team is working very hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Having more and more users worldwide registering eufy accounts and logging in to the Eufy security app, our Eufy Security server needs upgrades to accommodate the expanding scale. For better user experience in the future and for system maintenance, we are performing a system upgrading but unfortunately encountering a system-wide issue.

Rest assured that your cameras are still working and all the recorded videos will be saved in your local storage. And when the server is back to normal, you can still see all the recorded videos on the Events page.

We genuinely hope you have faith in our engineers and we will try our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible within 24 hours.