It says my version for my wired doorbell is 2.38 is that not right?

Saw the versions of firmware out and then looked at mine and mine is saying 2.38 and I see that here it says the last one is 2.35 on July 30 but honestly itd make sense if this thing is hacked or something bc it is completely unreliable and the image quality and sensitivity seem to change and also ill see some blurry spots that def look like a person and that the image was blurred to hide it, also the other day it stopped working all together for no reason and acted as if it was dead, then the chime base would start ringing non stop randomly, and upon closer investigation it looks as though a hidden camera had been hidden in the "speaker " in the middle bc I def tested it for a reflection/glare and it had one for sure. Really sucks bc I really loved it at first and now it’s worthless and pointless bc it can’t be trusted to report to me accurately like it should.

The wireless chime would not have a camera, it only works as chime when the doorbell is pressed.
The current version on my doorbell is 2.328, it could be region specific in some cases.