Issues - hub light, missing detection

  1. My blue hub light has stopped working. It works when the hub goes offline and lights up red but the blue doesn’t and hasn’t for for weeks.

  2. With sensitivity set to max and activity zones set up, our front door camera is really unreliable when picking up events. My husband, and he’s no ninja, leaves the house and locks the door, comes back up the driveway to take the bin out and it catches none of it.

There are so many issues with the system that I’ll be moving to a hard wired system once we move house.
-the need to unpair cameras and reset the whole system when it f’s up. The fact that you have to get up a ladder to do this.
-missing events
-setting it to pick up humans only and it picking up animals
-being given the advice to ‘move the cameras closer to the hub’ or ‘move the hub closer to the router’
-the app notifications taking me to old recordings e.g. get a notification event at 6:17am, click on it and it shows a clip from 8pm yesterday
-missing the start of events due to the lag of the camera turning on to record