Issues detecting all motion

Hi. I have recently invested in a few Eufy products. I currently have the Eufycam 2C Kit and the door sensor.

But I have noticed something in regards to the camera.

My camera is failing to detect all movement. I have set the sensitivity to the highest and set it to detect all motion. It is using night vision at night and the 8mage is very clear. However, it is failing to do so.

How am I using it?

We recently found out we have rats entering the house at night so I decided to plant the cameras around the house to spot the rats and alert us. However we haven’t ever got alerts. We have on the odd occasion opened the app and watched the cameras and spotted the rat there.

Why isn’t the camera detecting the rats movement?

Thank you for reaching out! @Minesh

For capturing the rat’s movement, it might be a bit hard for the camera to pick up in a really short time.

Have you tried to draw the activity zone for certain concerns so it might help the camera to pick up/ detect the movement?

Please send us a screenshot while you set up the activity zones we can have the engineer to look into this case for you.

Our support email is, thanks again for all your patience and support. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Motion detection works poorly here. Detection finds place when you are standing at the doorbell.