Is this doorbell camera a POS?

I just installed the battery video doorbell. I have the highest detection settings and set up the detection zone for my entire front stoop. How in the hell did it miss 3 very large boxes being delivered onto my stoop? I just got up and checked the door and there were the packages sitting on the stoop, with 0 video capture of anyone delivering them… I am about to return this POS and go without any doorbell. It can’t perform it’s main function…

Go to notification > Activity Zones
Then increase the size of the zone

We set up our camera too and it didn’t pick up my friend parking in my driveway and unloading her three children and entering my house nor did it pick up the delivery at my doorstep. I have a feeling these cameras suck and are a waste of money.

It doesn’t pick up very well of the movement is in a straight line, it is better at picking up movement across the camera.

Sounds like you might have to change the angle or position of the unit or buy the separate motion detector

I bought the motion detector, just got it and it won’t even set up, unless I have or buy a HOME BASE, too? I don’t even see any of those for sale by theirselves on here?

That’s… The dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of true lol. A separate motion detector for a motion detecting doorbell? And my door faces a straight path up to the door… Nowhere else to really place it. What a piece of shit. Returning immediately.

It’s a shame bc there really aren’t any good non-cloud options out there without ridiculous wiring back and forth across the home, which my house is not made for.

I have it set from the edges of the porch on the sides, to the top and bottom of the screen. Not sure I could expand it any more. Max detection settings and everything, yet a straight on approach can’t be picked up… Insane

i got the 1080p doorbell battery powered one, it seems like it does pretty good at my front door, i have had it not go off a few times when someone passed by , it also missed the mail man coming up to the mailbox once, i have this paired with an outdoor cam and the outdoor cam is doing better. i had the doorbell motion cam sensors go off during a rainy day, it went off nonstop thinking rain was a person…

Switch it from Human only to all.
I installed mine today and is working very well.