Is there a delay between triggers?

I’ve setup my new 2c cameras and am trying to test how well they work. (Ive needed to set sensitivity to minimum to avoid passers-by outside my driveway from triggering the cam)
The triggering seems really hit and miss when I’m outside trying to cause a trigger when stood in my driveway.
I was wondering if there’s some kind of intentional delay between one trigger and the camera allowing another?
Sometimes I cause a trigger and then try as I might it wont trigger again until I give up and try again 10 minutes later.

Yes. It also has a funny definition of what constitutes an event.

Car enters my property. Recording begins. Person gets out. Recording ends.

Not shown: What they actually did on my property or them leaving.

My definition of an event: Show me everything someone entering my property does until they leave. Show me anyone loitering in front of the property for as long as they are there.