Is the keypad a sensor?

I saw this video: (1:35)
The guy talks about how the keypad is also a sensor, but based on other videos I saw, I think it’s BS.

Anyone here that can confirm it also is a sensor or not?

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It lights up, by the sensor, so you can type your code.

That’s a shame. In my opinion the sensor is way too jig to just sense that you’re there. It is semi external to look around the device, not just in front of it.

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I looked high and low for this answer also. Bummer it won’t trigger anything. Even a wimpy motion sensor would easily cover the small hallway I would install the keypad. Boooo. Need to rethink purchasing :frowning:

I took the jump and bought this. This could not be sold as a motion sensor … it’s absolutely not. But they should have given us the option to use it as a trigger. A proximity / tamper sensor. Trigger a camera or alarm if someone approached the keypad.

Would have worked for me as a door entry sensor. I so much as crack the door open next to the keypad and it lights up. Could easily cover the entry door and the 2 windows on either side (even if it is not it’s “real” job). Will pick me up at about 10 ft away… bummer

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Same, I totally agree with you.
I think this device is very limited in its capabilities. It looks like it only does something upon user input or detection.
At this moment I have two keypads. When one is in leave delay, the other does nothing. When disabling alarm (and this its leave delay) on the second keypad, the first just keeps beeping. It appears there is never an active connection from the homebase to the keypad. Only when motion is detected do I see the active profile light switch etc. Quote funny, though I hope they fix it in the future

I asked eufy support whether the device can also play a beep when in alarm delay and if the app can have a notification category for alarm (on Android).