Is the Eufy Cam E homebase to camera range better than the 2C?

Just wondering whether the Eufy Cam E range is any better than the 2C?

The Eufy Cam 2E marketing literature states a camera can work 300ft away from the homebase with a clear line of sight ( I can’t find specific ranges detailed for the 2C)

My 2C cams can’t even manage 20 ft from the homebase but I am wondering whether the E will perform better, or is it the same poor setup?

I have the cam 2c and my cameras are about 50,75 and 120 ft from the base without issues…well besides the batteries dying faster due to consfant activity in one of the zones. But I have not had any issues with range or my cameras not connecting.

I did set mine up with the home base initially wired, and then once everything was set up I switched my base to wireless and have been using it that way ever since.

Thanks for the reply. I set mine up the same way.

My camera’s show full strength when setup but lose the connection past 15 feet, which is a far cry from 300 Eufy cite.

I’ve asked for a new Homebase to see if the HB is faulty. Of the new one is the same I guess I can at least run the two cams off of two HBs

Yeah 15’ does seem pretty poor. Mine are about 15’ and about 50’ and I plan to test a few more out past 100’. I am passing through one wall and set mine up with home base wireless.

I have 4 Cam Es and 2 2Cs. The range is comparable. I have 1 2C and 1E in the garage about 40 feet from the Homebase and down a floor. Have another 2C on the same level in the carport thats about 60 feet from the homebase. They all show full signal. I did try one E in my shed thats about 75 feet away and through an exterior wall. It showed full signal and worked fine.

Sound like you might have a bum Homebase or interference that’s reducing your range. The cams all communicate in the same band as Wifi, but using a different protocol.