Is My Smart Lock Really Waterproof ? | Rainy Day Advice

Hi, eufy fans,

If you are in a town or city where it rains a lot (we’re looking at you, Seattle!:rofl:) you might be wondering whether or not our Smart Locks are really waterproof? :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

That’s why we’ve drafted in our chief eufy Security engineer, who’ll delve into the juicy details behind Smart Lock’s waterproofing techniques.

We posed some frequently asked questions to our engineer regarding Smart Lock’s ability to handle rain of varying degrees.:tornado::male_detective:

:question: Question 1

I like in the UK where it constantly rains.
Can Smart Lock survive getting wet?

:man_mechanic: eufy Security engineer

  • Don’t worry, our hardware is waterproof and will not be damaged by rain showers.

  • It is recommended that you use the eufy Security APP OR the KEY to unlock Smart Lock directly. Water droplets may interfere your experience sometimes to input your password via the touch screen.

:question: Question 2

I live in New York.
We’ve just had the tail of a hurricane roll through and it’s rained heavily for 3 night in a row.
Can Smart Lock survive such punishing conditions?

:man_mechanic: eufy Security engineer

  • For hardware: Our waterproof hardware means Smart Lock can withstand prolonged heavy rain.

  • For software: In order to avoid heavy rain damaging Smart Lock software, the touchpad features an automatic locking mechanism. If constant heavy rain is detected, Smart Lock will automatically lock.

*If you arrive home to find that Smart Lock has locked automatically, you can use the eufy Security app OR the key to unlock it. :closed_lock_with_key:

  • If Smart Lock does not open at all, it may be out of battery. To open in such an emergency, you can unlock Smart Lock via a power bank and a micro USB cable.

In general, most homes still have porches protecting the front door, so you can be assured that Smart Lock will be protected against both light and heavy rain.

If you encounter extreme situations where you have no porch or the rain is particularly torrential, simply open your Smart Lock using the eufy Security app or unlock with the key.

A little tips about unlocking methods :unlock:

Recently, I have seen many users’ questions about unlocking methods.

Our SmartLocks support four unlocking methods:

  • APP
  • Fingerprint
  • TouchPad (password)
  • Key

Where you can find us :slightly_smiling_face:

Our customer service team can be found via the following channels:

1)eufy Security app->Help->Call us/Feedback

2)Ask your questions here at the bottom of this post

3)Send us an email:

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support.

eufy Security Team

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I have had my eye on a smart lock for some time now, it has just been hard to choose which one because of the available features and what not. I may have to give this a go because it matches my door color, has the features I want in one, and the fact that my fear is leaving my keys in my house and having the battery die, which clearly now I know I can hook up my pb to it.

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I definitely think it will notify you well in advance if the battery is going below the set threshold point :wink:

For sure, but if I am any bit of lazy as I am with my other things that tell me that, I’ll be sure to miss/overlook it until it is too late lol.

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Yeah but your cameras are not waterproof

You sound like me bro! :rofl:

@CoxA which cameras you are talking about? eufycam outdoor cameras are weather proof and IPX rated to withstand, sun, rain, snow…

i have Eufy 2C cams and live in the southeast after storms and then humidty they get all blurry.

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Different companies camera is what I was referring to for my own (have had them for about 2 years so not hating on the Eufy ones at all).

If you are getting a foggy lens after rain due to humidity, definitely contact Eufy support on that as it definitely has an ip67 water rating, so moisture should not be penetrating the lens/case after rain.

You can contact our customer service team via about this issue, and we will check it in detail for you.


Digital Trends have just done a review of the Smart Lock and they concluded that for the price, they couldn’t recommend it as it lacks too many features that are common among competitors.


What about high humidity and moisture that gets in the internals? Will the waterproof handle real high humidity? I have been through four smart locks…

Hope to know where you placed in? There is no problem for normal household use or rainy weather with high humidity.

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Houston area Suburbs…

I Live in Texas and have a porch that faces west. The afternoon sun can get intensely hot and directly hits my door… Have these locks been tested to withstand intense heat over 100 Fahrenheit?

Don’t be surprised it’s internals get cooked. An they just turn off the notification telling you it’s fine, when it’s been disabled by the heat due to internal temp.

Hi, our Smartlocks can withstand outdoor high temperature (-30℃-70℃) ,100 degrees Fahrenheit(37.7℃) is no problem.

Are these locks available in Australia if not when are they looking likely to be

Cheers in advance