Is it possible to submit clips where Person Detection wasn't detected?

Is it possible to submit clips where Person Detection wasn’t detected to improve the AI? I was coming from an Wyze Cam and it offered a way to submit a clip to improve the Person AI detection. I’m running both the Indoor Cam 2K and Wyze V2 at the same time the Wyze seems to pick up people more accurately. Whereas, the Eufy was missing a few people walking including a mailman dropping off a package and a family member walking to the front door. Sensitivity is at its max. Love the camera compared to the Wyze though.

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I guess I’ll enable motion detection as well, bad thing is that there’s shadows and trees that would bombard the events tab.

Also does enabling continuous recording make the camera only record at 1080p instead of 2K? Or is it the Live feed and recorded motion at 2K?

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Having issues with AI missing people too. Tried turning up the sensitivity and I don’t think it improved it. Sensitivity is just for the IR to trigger camera, not the AI, is my understanding. So it could improve it in theory if earlier detection helped AI, but you’ll also get more night time false alerts. I adjusted orientation of camera to be more upright, not sure if this helped.
I Really want human detection to work, even with a few false positives, because last result is turning it off (like many users have done) and with all motion detection I get lots of triggers I don’t want to get.

I’d like to see this, as well as the opposite. My in laws camera regularly detects the flags they have on their porch as people, but misses their mail delivery at least once a week. No problem trying to improve the AI if given the option.

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Yep, excellent idea. I also face several false alarms because of blankets and shadows… or moving bushes… would be nice to train the camera / AI that these are not to be detected any more.