Is it possible to have different schedules to arm different cameras (indoor and outdoor)?


I’ve been trying to find a setting in order to enable two eufycam 2s I have, one indoor and other outdoor, at different times, however been unsuccessful to do so.

Is there a way to achieve this (I intend to arm the outdoor camera at say 1030 pm with the indoor camera at say midnight)?

Appreciate any help I could get on this.


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I am looking for the same functionality, front of house on 24/7 garden on at night. Has anybody managed to do this?

I’m gonna reply to this… forgive me if I’m missing something.

“IF” You have all cameras connected to your HomeBase then you would use the schedule mode. “IF” you have cameras NOT connecting to a HomeBase ( indoor plug in cams or some wired doorbells… Ugh)… then I can’t help you. So… let’s pretend you are lucky enough to have your 2 cams connected to the HomeBase.

You can’t look at it as camera 1 on at 10 pm and off at 3 am. You need to look at it as … camera states. For example:

State 1: you want camera 1 and camera 2 both on

State 2: you want 1 cam on and one off

State 3: you want both cams off

You would set these up as “modes” . You have 5 modes currently… home, away… and 3 custom modes.

So… you wanted front of house on 24/7… garden at night: schedule would look like this:

8 am - 8pm front of house on ( state/mode 2)

8:01 pm - 7:59 am garden and front of house both on (state/mode 1)

My schedule setup is crazy busy…

5pm- 2am all cams on with alerts

2am- 8 am all cams on NO alerts ( need my beauty rest )

8 am - 10 am. Front cam only ( light thru the trees gives me false triggers every 2 minutes)

10am- 3pm all cams on

3 pm - 5pm side cam only ( sunlight thru the trees again )

Would love to go “human only” on some modes but not an option currently. Or better yet EUFY… how bout ANYTHING with persistent motion AI option! ( cars, animals, people ) Ok… now I’m just venting.

Schedule mode is what you want. It’s a buggy, unreliable mess… but there it is.

Did that help?

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I bought 2 P and Tilt Cameras today. As far as I can see you set a schedule for each individual camera accessed via the Security tab at the bottom of the App. It may be the same for Outdoor cameras. I’ll be setting mine up over the weekend.

P and T cams don’t play nice with the HomeBase as I mentioned above. Each cam is not a part of the group. ( who thought this was a good idea?)