Is HSV out yet?

Hello, I’m struggling to get the HSV option in the cameras when I see them in the Apple Home app. Is HSV official rolled out? My Eufy app is telling me that I can setup HSV and even gives me directions. But every time I view the cameras in the Home app, they don’t give me the HSV controls.

Camera Firmware - 2.5.9 Sub- 1.0.60-20191219
Homebase Firmware - Sub-

I tried resetting up the Homebase in the Eufy App. I even tried setting the Homebase directly in the Home App first.

Anybody have any ideas?


Thank you for reaching out!

The HKSV is still running the Beta testing version, would you like to join our bets test before its officially released?

Please send us an email to for the request. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

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Thank You

I’d love to. I’ll send over my camera info!