Is EUFY Server down?

Since this afternoon (Eastern Time) I realized that my Geofencing feature doesn’t work and that I’m not able to change my cameras’ working mode to “HOME”. It gives me errors.
I don’t feel like trusting this system anymore. I had two times battery issues with the cameras and now this??
Never happened with NEST before.


Yes the servers are down. In a live chat with them I got this response We are sincerely sorry to say that there’s been an issue with Eufy Security server. Please be assured that our tech team is working very hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Having more and more users worldwide registering eufy accounts and logging in to the Eufy security app, our Eufy Security server needs upgrades to accommodate the expanding scale. For better user experience in the future and for system maintenance, we are performing a system upgrading but unfortunately encountering a system-wide issue.

Rest assured that your cameras are still working and all the recorded videos will be saved in your local storage. And when the server is back to normal, you can still see all the recorded videos on the Events page.

We genuinely hope you have faith in our engineers and we will try our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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The problem that users cannot view any footage has been solved. If you still have same problems, please contact

The reason you had this problem is that we had a two-hour temporary maintenance and upgrade for the server. The maintenance does not affect the recordings of the camera. The video data does encrypt and save on local HomeBase. Video data streams directly from HomeBase to your phone.

Seems like there are server issues again. Getting errors on app and web interface.

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Seeing the same here

As many of you have seen by now, our servers are down again. We are working with our AWS servers to see what is going on. Your video events are recording as normal. The apps ability to connect to your eufy security products is what allows you to view videos both at home, and remotely when you are not in your home. We know apologies aren’t enough here, but please know we are working hard to figure this out and will update you as soon as we have more detail.

Gee thanks. This happens after I reset 7 cameras and a HomeBase

Any way to make it so even if can’t connect to servers, that the app still connects via local network to view video clips? Since sometimes home internet may be down too, and would be nice to be able to view even without being connected to the web.

Again, no communication from Eufy about the server outage. Even though you apologized and said you would do so in the future. Guess that was just BS.

We are checking the reason and we will update in the community as soon as we find the root cause.
So please give us some time. Thanks

Are the servers still down because I can’t even access the app now.

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Same here, I can not even access the APP :frowning:

It’s been so frustrating…

If Eufy has a stable server, I’m sure it’s good for their future business…

It happened on June 12th, now it’s been only 3 days, unbelievable!

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You will soon get the answer!

16:15 EST. Jun. 15, everything is OK, please check with your app, later on we will give an announcement to explain. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Are the Eufy Servers down again?? Having issues viewing events on the app!!

Eufy needs to learn to let their users know when they are updating things…

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@Mengdi what’s up with this?

Update: my events page is back up for now but… we should have been notified this may happen. Even if it’s only for a few minutes. It’s called good communication and it’s key to operating a business!


18/05/2021 @ 01:00 UK
Is the Eufy server down? Tilt camera won’t connect despite good wifi connection. I’ve tried resetting etc as per the app guidance. The last item listed is to check the status of the Eufy service - anyone know where?