iPhone app, is it me?

Help! I’m beginning to think it’s me that’s being really dumb here! I have the Eufy security app on my iPhone (iOS 14.8) for many months, and this issue has only arisen since around the latest app update early Nov. Might be a coincidence.
On the home screen is the Eufy icon, and that shows the number of events the outside cameras have picked up. So, first thing this morning for example, no number was showing. I stepped outside and triggered the camera. This action used to then show ‘1’. No longer… it showed 134. It’s been counting up since around the time of the update. I assume 134 is the number of events since the problem started a week ago.
I’ve cleared storage on the hub, deleting all historic events, and it’s still counting up. Hmmm. The app is also on my iPad and that is okay, showing the correct number.
I’ve emailed Eufy support twice in the past week, with no reply.
As far as I can recall, I’ve not changed any settings or anything.
Anyone else had this problem?

****LATEST: This is so weird. After posting this strange issue today, I later did an update to iOS 15 on my iPhone. I just triggered an event in one Eufy camera, and it’s now showing ‘1’, as it should. I didn’t change any settings on the Eufy app. I’m totally mystified by it, and will report if there’s a reoccurrence. Makes your brain hurt, trying to fathom out why these things happen!

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