iOS 15 can’t turn on/off my indoor camera

Hi, basically what the title says
My camera didn’t come on after updating to ios15 so i removed it and re-added it and now it doesn’t go off
I have an indoor pan&tilt model
Anyone else with my problem?
Everything still works fine in the app, but i need homekit to work as expected

Read the heading… oh no… as my phone is mid update to 15. I’m ok… don’t use HomeKit… whew

But I did hear Vehicle detection on iOS 15 HomeKit? I need that so bad.

Heheh yeah vehicle and package detection
Both of which i don’t need in my living room hopefully

Will need to have a look. I have Apple TV and I also see multiple live cam views on tv.

The vehicle detection is the big thing for me. I am currently looking beyond Eufy for this.

Let me know your findings after you’ve finished updating!

Also i just realised i can’t turn off the status light too - from homekit of course

I have had the same problem after the update. I don’t use the homekit but after the update when I try to turn my cameras off the toggle tab will toggle to the left then quickly back to the right. It will ask me to confirm or cancel the camera to be turned off. I click confirm and nothing happens. So I can’t turn off the cameras at all. I can turn the cameras on(husband has the app and will turn them off) I can disable the whole system. I can change the modes. I can do EVERYTHING but turn the cameras off.

How are you able to see your camera thru the Apple TV? I use HomeKit but I can’t find an app or interface on Apple TV to view the cameras. What’s your solution?

Hold the top right button tv icon) and a side screen slides in from the right. Swipe down to the homekit icon and there you go.

Sorry…. I don’t have a solution. I only viewed someone using Apple TV online. Life has sent me sideways and I have not had a second to research this. It is sad that eufy can’t do the basics… apple might have a solution. Will investigate when life stops spinning.

Same issue here… Can’t turn off cameras in the Eufy Security app…