Invite someone to have access to thd video doorbell

Hi can anyone help with how to get my wife connected to our doorbell monitor system.

I sent her the invite which she recieved, she downloaded the app, crea
ted a user account and verified it but there is nowhere in her app to accept the invitation.

Any help appreciated

I’m pretty sure all she needed to do was download the app and log into the account you originally set up (email and password). She didn’t need to create a whole new user account. I have multiple devices i.e. android smartphone, iPad and iPhones that are all logged into one account which can access all video devices.
That said, I am a novice at this security system. If there is a need to create a completely new and separate user account to access the same system, I’m unaware of that need or reason.
Edit: Just saw the family/friend share tab which says they have to download the app and create a new account. I’m guessing they don’t get access to change your settings but can just view images from your devices?

I have two others on mine, an admin (Mrs.) and a guest (daughter) both worked from using the invite function. I don’t want them logging in as me but the original log in and passwords will work if that’s what’s desired.

When they get the app they have to log in with the email you send the invite to, if she created another one it probably won’t match up.