Intruder alarm siren

Hi. I’ve installed the 2C cameras and looking at the keypad and motion sensors. Does the alarm siren via the hombase and my echo show or can you purchase a separate siren for the alarm?


No separate siren and i don’t know about the echo show. However you can let the Homebase alarm also trigger the camera alarm (under automation; if Homebase alarm --> camera alarm).


@sim73 @thomasbalder Agreed. Unfortunately, there is no separate device from Eufy to help with an external “louder” alarm. However, if you have multiple cameras…set them to alarm and record when the homebase alarms (via automation). Depending on how many you have, it will definitely help with louder sounds around the house or in one concentrated area.


I do believe they are working on an external siren, but I do not have an eta on it


Please let it also work with the Homebase 1, then I will definitely buy two of them :smile:

Is there already an eta when the external siren is releasing. Definitely need that as homebase is not loud enough. Beside you are trying to hide the homebase as all the alarm and camera is not working when the thief is going destroy that thing.

Or let homebase use doorbell plug as siren.

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Here is a Reddit solution that you could try.

I would add a resistor and feed the output to an external and speakers. That way, you can amplify the homebase siren and add a manual panic alarm on the same setup.

I haven’t tried this yet on my spare homebase, but it looks like a decent solution for those who want more volume.

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