Internet Outage Observations

I lost Internet yesterday and I understand not getting alerts but expected to be able to still use my system since nothing is stored in a cloud service. I am able view cameras that are connected to a home base 2 but it takes multiply tries to make a connect some times and when it works it can take about 15 seconds to make a connection. Usually I can connect to a camera in about 3-4 seconds. I am not able to connect to any floodlight camera at all and get an error unable to connect to floodlight cam (-3). When I try to view events I get an error that my phone is not connected to the Internet but I am on a iPad that has no cellular service and WiFi only. My wireless doorbell and indoor cameras takes multiply tries to make a connection also similar to my home base cameras.

Why am I seeing these issue if all these components are WiFi based for connectivity? All my WiFi access points are fully functional so other than alerts I would expect the same function exactly the same as to when I have Internet access. Can you please explain this behavior?

I guess what bothers me the most is that all my cameras are useless in an Internet outrage as I get no alerts and at this point don’t know if they are recording anything during the outage. From a security standpoint this is a complete failure.


It appears that always the Eufy / Anker servers are needed for video playback authentication, although that is nowhere mentioned in the official documents. So when these servers are not accessible, you cannot see the videos even while they are stored at your HomeBase inside your home.


I hope this is something they look into changing.

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It’s a very good point :arrow_up:
Internet access shouldn’t make a difference. All traffic should travel through the local network /WiFi so should work. Internet access then for viewing on phones etc away from the home, notifications, downloading clips.

Thanks for bringing this up.

It does not go well together with the “secure local storage” advantage if you exclusively have access to it via an external server you do not even know. The servers in question have been documented elsewhere already and my pi-hole servers are confirming this more or less.

The “cloud free” marketing approach is very much destroyed by this as it could even happen that Anker closes its doors one day and so the access to your local storage disappears with it.

Unfortunately, the RTSP method is still not convincing as well. Using e. g. the Synology “Surveillance Station” you’ll learn quite fast that those recordings are shorter than the ones of the original app – whatever the settings are.

So at least for those who have their own static IP addresses there should be an official and well documented method to access to their own recordings also from the outside as everything else would be not only disappointing but dangerous too.

Please change so local authentication, setting changes, and watching clips does not require internet access. This level of reliance on the cloud was not expected for a device that advertises to not rely on the cloud. I get no alerts or access from outside the house.

I had a service truck back over my internet connection. I tried to view the footage on my eufyCam to validate the trucks timing and the internet going down was not a coincidence. Only to find that I can look at footage from the camera! What a safety issue and easy way easily block access to the entire security system. Yes, the cameras still recorded to the base unit. I couldn’t watch any of it until 6 hours later when the internet was back up.

I did setup that camera to my Synology with RTSP and it kept recording. I set my cameras for full 2 minutes and my Synology has the same as the length as the eufy. So perhaps that’s the work around.

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