Intermittent notifications (solved maybe)

I am a new Eufy customer and migrating from Ring.
everything seems to be working but the main feature I need which is to be notified.
I have the 2C cams, home hub and a wireless doorbell.

I have spent the last week trying to localise the issue.
It is not sleep settings or data saving.

I have set up the software on a Samsung Tablet and my Samsung S9 phone so that I can see if both fail or if one fails.
I have also done a factory reset on my phone and only installed Eufy app so that it can not be conflict.

What I have found is that there seems to be a limit to how many notifications can be “collected” before no more get through (on my phone it is 24)
When I clear the notifications, they again start to come through.
The tablet seems to be able to take more notifications, but it too seems to fail when there were too many.

Ill keep testing, but so far this seems consistent as im aware of the notifications by sound, but dont clear them.
This might be a limitation on Samsung phones, but should be one that can be fixed by Eufy by not adding a notification badge every time.
lets see

repeated tests and my phone stops notifying me when the number gets to 24.
clearing the 24 and they start again right away.

its annoying as I tried all manor of Wifi and wired connections.
changed the motion zones and there was no pattern, until I started to wonder about the phone limiting continuous notifications.

If this is the answer, I hope others can test and post their results.

Hi I got to 49 notifications then they stopped, I pulled down the menu at the top of the phone, cleared everything and the notifications started again.

I think you may have hit on the problem, as I have had the same issues you described, so I will constantly clear the notifications and see if they continue for several days.

thank you.

what makes this truly annoying is that the app does not clear the notifications when you open it up like normal apps do…

HUGE flaw there eufy… HUGE

Thanks for the tip. I’m going to keep an eye on this. I got rid of a “ring” doorbell for poor notifications in addition to the no local storage, and figured this eufy wired 2k doorbell would solve both problems. I still get unreliable notifications on the eufy and am hoping you nailed it.

Hi. I have exactly the same issue. Stops notifying after 24 notifications. Anyone resolved this?