Interference live view

Im new with Eufy for a few days and have some questions. My first problem is that when I look at the livestream of my eufycam 2C I get some interference. Is there a solution?

What kind of interference are you talking about? Maybe a video to show what you mean could help us offer suggestions

This looks like a problem with the connection. Just to try; if you place the HomeBase really close to the bell, what is the result then?

How far is the 2C from the Homebase 2? I think the WiFi signal might be dropping out.

It’s only a few meters…
The homebase is connected with a ethernet cable. Does it use the wifi signal in this way?

Interesting. I had that same interference on my live stream on the Eufy app the other day, but I had put the 2C camera out about 45 feet (13.7 meters) and it only happened once. Is the interference constant?