Installing cameras away from home

Hello all,

I’ve been looking into IP cameras for a while now and have come across the Eufycam with local storage. In my profession I sometimes need to install camera systems in other people’s homes in response to crime and anti-social behaviour.
We currently have wired cameras linked to a hard drive but these are a little antiquated now so I’m looking for a wireless solution.

So my main question is, can the system be set up independently without needing to be attached to a router, as it would not be suitable for me to link into a customers WiFi, nor would it be allowed for them to have access to the footage that is recorded.

And if not, could I use a separate router that is not connected to the Internet?

Thank you.

Hey Matt, although local storage is advertised, and you’d think that means no active Internet connection, they eufy cameras cannot do without. You will need an active internet connection from what I read in numerous topics here.

Thanks John, that’s a shame. It looks good in so many ways, you wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to find something that wasn’t Internet dependant.

You’re right, and from a logical view I don’t understand why the homebase must require a connection for it to keep working… I can understand using the app requires it to be on the internet, but simply recording should not…

For some reason I remember I had no internet at one point… and after WiFi returned I had the recordings on the HomeBase. It took forever for them to show up… but they did. I think!!! LOL. I should test that out.

Okay yeah, so a bit of nuance is on order. I read that they initially work, but at some point do require Internet and stop functioning.
If you’re still testing, I’m interested in the time they continue to function, chefrd!

I’m 100 percent sure it would never work like the original post wants. I do think it’s crazy that the stand alone indoor cam can’t be plugged into your computer and use the videos with a simple password to bypass the encryption.

I have a old indoor camera that I still use. Push button on… records. Push button off… stops. Plug it into the computer and watch it all.